Thursday, May 24, 2012


God is proving Himself very real to me in this year of MORE.

I'm learning to lean on Him and trust more, but it's not as scary as I thought.  As a matter of fact, because life is so unpredictable, I'm learning that I'd rather reach out to Him first.

I wanted to read through the entire Bible in a year, but that's fallen by the wayside.  Instead I am content to be reading and letting Him speak to me.  It's noble to read through the Bible, but it was just an exercise.  I get more from reading various passages and meditating on them.

In all of life, God is there.  If you change your perspective, they are spiritual lessons to be learned in everything around us.


We just celebrated my dad's 80th birthday this weekend.  What a blessing for him and us.  We come from humble beginnings - but the biggest testimony is: my father and mother have 8 children - and all are walking with the Lord.  Now, the fruit that each one bears is different.

My father spoke in proverbs and his best proverb to date is: "You may be smart but you ain't wise!" One of my brothers really stumped his child rearing skills, but this phrase made him stop and think and turned him around.

Eight children, eight personalities, eight experiences.  One of us is not here, but those remaining shared from their experience.

Even though Jesus is a central force in each one's life, life has not been easy.  We are all works in progress until we get to heaven; extra grace and mercy is required when dealing with some of us.
Mom and the Birthday Boy

All of us - that's me in the front in red, my son is behind me and my 2 oldest daughters are next to me; the little one is in front of grandma.


I also saw my son - the oldest grandchild graduate from college.  Parenting teaches you a lot. You learn to be tough and when to be tender.  You learn to advocate and when to let go.  You learn that even though you let go, they're always in your heart. You want them to succeed but you know too well they will have failures prior to success. You learn to laugh with your children and at yourself. You learn to humble yourself and hear what they're saying. You always see the best even if they don't see it.


It was a whirlwind week, but now I'm back on the west coast where the weather is hot and beautiful.
Hubby & I

What's happening with you? How's the weather where you are?  Celebrated any milestone events recently? How's your spiritual life?


  1. Aww, thanks so much for sharing your family with us!! What a tribute to your dad that you all were able to gather to celebrate him. All is ok in our world. I think of you every day as I read my food for thought in the Daily Bread book. =)

  2. So good to read of your faith and assurance in our Christ. I just had an occasion to read my journal about our Carlsbad run and how we found a quiet place to pray before. Such a wonderful memory with you. God Bless you, Andree; and your family.

  3. i had forgotten that we prayed together before running. God's blessings to you and yours also

  4. Thanks for sharing your family with us.
    Life is good for me....I mean I can't complain, God has been more than good to me. My son recently turned 5. ;)
    My spiritual life is good, but I really need to make more time to renew my spirit. I am trying to be more vigilant in prayer, usually I do this at bedtime.


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