Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over

Mother's Day and my first child - the Boy, graduating from College - my cup runneth over!
Having most of the family together and all of the antics that entails - my cup runneth over!
Missing one daughter who is still overseas, but using the wonders of technology so that she is able to see her brother walk across the stage - my cup runneth over!
Conversations with my husband and reflecting on how far we've come; talking to our children and hearing and seeing the maturity in them; enjoying the innocence of a 9 year old; visiting the east coast and hanging out with my brother and his family - my cup runneth over!

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.  Psalm 23b (NIV)  
When the English began manufacturing tea cups they imitated the Chinese style of small bowls without handles. Around the mid 1700’s, handles were added so that women wouldn’t burn their fingers. Saucers, originally small plates to hold sauce, eventually became part of the cup and saucer set. At the end of the Victorian era and the beginning of Edwardian days, people often poured the tea from their cups into their saucers to cool the beverage before sipping it.  It was an acceptable practice then, but definitely gauche now.  Yes, I drink from my saucer when my family is all under one roof and it isn’t a faux pas.  Whether we are celebrating or struggling, David says in Psalm 16:11, “Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.”  My cup is filled with my Shepherd’s loving security and His love and faithfulness overflow.  The only way to respond is to drink from my saucer to catch all that He has for me. (Excerpted from Nutter, Marilyn (2012-03-16). Tea Lovers Devotions to Go (Kindle Locations 248-250). See Media, Inc.. Kindle Edition)

The tassel was worth the hassle - my cup runneth over!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and celebrated with those you love.

I sincerely wish that your cup would run over also!

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