Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marriage - Things I Learned From My Spouse

One day I asked my husband what he's learned since he's been married to me?  My husband is a thinker so to nudge his brain I provided my answer first.

Here's what I learned from being married to him:

  • Because of him, I can now pick out any Smokey Robinson song after hearing only the first note.  As I've mentioned before my husband loves music, particularly oldies and I now have an appreciation for them.
  • I now watch and enjoy tennis, football and soccer.  He likes sports; when we first got married it was important for him to have a TV simply to keep up with sports.  I now know the World Cup cycle, all the majors for tennis and when football season starts.  I've always liked sports, but he has expanded my knowledge. Did you know, one can plan their life around major sporting events - summer Olympics, winter Olympics, world cup, golf championships, Superbowl, etc)?

These were my big two - Oh, by the way this wasn't meant to be a soul searching discussion, just knowledge you would have never picked up if you weren't with your spouse.

He then shared:

  • How to make real good fish cakes - Bajans do it better than Jamaicans!!!
  • The importance of time; I don't mean this in a bad way - he has a "soon come" mentality when it comes to most things that are time related, but aren't necessarily important.  Any how he has gotten better over the years.

Marriage broadens your perspective; these are lighthearted examples, but there are many more that I can share that didn't come up in this conversation.

So what have you learned from your spouse - significant or insignificant?

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