Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have a daughter who has entered the working world this summer.  She's away from home, works long days and at the end of the day she's exhausted.

She called me totally in awe of me and surprised:
"How do you do it?  How did you do it?  You worked 8-5 and then you came home and cooked real meals. You didn't do this once a week, you did it for years.  I'm in awe of you, seriously.  After work, I'm so tired.  You know what I'm having for dinner a Lean Pocket.  I said,  "Well I couldn't have given you lean pockets for dinner."  She continued, "I'll never say you do nothing again.  You are Superwoman." I was practically left speechless.

I never set out to be Superwoman - I don't even claim the title willingly.  I do know that once I had children, something clicked in me and I decided I would do what I had to do.  Anything that seemed impossible, became doable. Of course we are products of our environments, so I did what I saw my mother do with eight children. She planned meals for days in advance - I modified this to something that would work for my lifestyle.  She eventually stayed home, I never did.  She baked and cooked; cooking was enough, I didn't have time for baking. Laundry never ended and while I applaud minimalist thinking I've found with 4 children it's better to have more underwear than less as it reduces the frequency with which I have to do laundry.

I determined that I would never complain, no matter how tired I felt. I would not become a frumpy mother either - I would always look like I took time with my appearance.   I never bought sodas, and we did not eat fast food on a regular basis.  Many days at work, that focused look during a meeting was me figuring out the quickest way to get dinner on the table and also remembering that I had to make a stop at Walmart before going home. Honestly, when I look back, I don't know how I did it.

I appreciated the sentiment of my child calling me blessed!

Hang in there parents; do what you need to do.  Do the best you can with what you are given; stay open to trying new things, talk to other mothers and parents who have the same values as you and relax.  I didn't know this when I was raising them, but I know this now.

Are many of you at the stage where your children rise up and call you blessed?

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