Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Endearing not Enduring

Endearing - it's the quality of making yourself attractive to another.

It's most noticeable in relationships especially marriages.

It's doing the little things just because it will make the other person smile, or hug, or show love in a way that catches you off guard.

Being endearing is a quality that we can all benefit from.

I try to be endearing, but sometimes I fail. But when I'm successful, it's so worth it.

Endearing is the antidote for enduring.

Endearing is being a help meet, or helping whenever or however you can.

Endearing is knowing that you are needed.

Endearing is knowing that because you have each other, your a force.

Endearing is acquiescing and compromising, when necessary.

Endearing is looking at the bigger picture and doing things to keep the peace, but not becoming resentful.

Endearing is taking the time to have the deep conversations simply because you care.

Endearing prevents you from taking each other for granted.

Endearing is touching each other, just because, because sometimes a love tap in the small of the back is all that is needed.

Endearing is on us, not on the other person. It's what we can do to make ourselves more attractive. It's an unselfish act of love.  It's working on ourselves, always striving to be better. In your relationships, try to be endearing if not you'll sitting there wondering what's next - enduring.  Endearing is a whole lot better as you will be a blessing to others and yourself.

Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it. Song of Solomon 8:7 (NLT)

Are you endearing?

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