Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thank God for Wake Up Calls

In college as a member of the track team, we traveled to out of state track meets where oftentimes we had to stay overnight. Back then, no one had cell phones and oftentimes these travels presented a whole new world to me. Our coach was in charge, so we followed his lead. Once we were assigned our rooms, he always told us to call the front desk and get a wake-up call. I'm sure this was new to many but we followed his instruction like it was gospel.

Of course, since many of us were on our own for the first time we stayed up late, watched TV and in general played the fool, not being entirely focused on the purpose of our trip which was to compete and do our best the following day.
Eventually, we'd fall asleep but at the prescribed time the telephone would ring; insistent in its ringing it wouldn't stop until someone answered it. On the other end, you'd hear, "Good morning, this is your 6:00 am wake up call." On my end, I more than likely mumbled, "thank you" and slammed the phone down. But now I would be awake, the sleepy cobwebs had fallen off my eyes and I was reoriented and focused on the task ahead. That wake-up call had served its purpose: to wake us up on time and get us into the right mindset for the day.

Like that jarring insistent call in that hotel room, sometimes life sends us wake-up calls. So many of us have our "Do Not Disturb" signs on as we coast through life blissfully ignorant of what is around us and those who need our attention. We're so self-focused that we've become comatose and a wake-up call is sorely needed. Whenever God is trying to get my attention, though I mumble thank you, I am eternally grateful once I am fully awake. Recently, a dear friend got a wake-up call in terms of their health. This person had become complacent with food choices and over time those choices took a toll that created a dire situation in their body. Thankfully, they received a wake-up call in the form of a diagnosis and they are now on the road to recovery.

Wake-up calls are insistent until they are addressed so they may show up in the form of illness, a door closing no matter how many times you try to open it, or a seemingly sudden mishap.

This Thanksgiving season, I'm thankful for wake-up calls. For their insistence that's masked as an annoyance. For the willingness to answer the call. For mumbling thank you as a start to refocusing while removing the cobwebs from my eyes. For allowing that wake-up call to reorient me to live out my purpose. I'm thankful for wake-up calls.

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

How do you know when you've received a wake-up call and how do you respond?


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  1. I hate wake up calls! But now, you've got me seeing them in a whole new light. Thank you!

  2. Wake up calls now come in form of hearing something again and again. Two or three times reading the same verse or topic gets my attention. I'd rather listen, I hate get up up early. And learning things the hard way.

  3. "HELLO" ... I so do not want that early morning call, yet God wants us to hear Him and I want to hear Him, but there are times...Yes...there are many more times than I wish to admit when I would rather hang up the phone. It just seems too hard for me, but then I remember that I am able because He is able. I can do all things through Christ, even waking up early! Thanks for waking me up today!

  4. God is so gracious to me, sparing me so many hardships that I have clearly deserved, but He has intervened.
    Thanks, Nylse, for inspiring gratitude here with your words.

  5. Nylse, What great thoughts on 'wake up calls' and what a great response you have in giving thanks when they come. I think you've opened my eyes to respond more thankfully to those calls! Thanks! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! I'm your neighbor at #Faith'nFriends.

  6. Thank you Nylse for your inspiring article, sometimes we have to be hit between the eyes to get the messages God sends. Being in tune! :)

    Thank you for sharing on #omhgff this week.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. You have given wakeup calls a new meaning. I will admit that I have ignored the voice of the Lord. I was trying to live life the way I say fit instead of his way. But, all the happiness I had developed from this acquired was only temporary. However, once I picked up and allowed God to take full control my life changed for the better.

  8. For me wake up calls start as a feeling. Sometimes confirmed by scripture sometimes by Godly people around me. Occasionally by a deep knowing from a word God has spoken to my heart. - Following these calls always leads to peace.

  9. Oh my goodness, I really appreciate your perspective! And beautiful writing! This grabbed me: "Whenever God is trying to get my attention, though I mumble thank you, I am eternally grateful once I am fully awake." That is really important to remember so we have a different way of viewing our trials! Blessings to you!

  10. Nylse,

    As a runner and a track/xc mom I laughed a little with your example about that early morning wake-up call. We took our XC team down to the National competition 2 states away. We had to really enforce that curfew and early morning preparation for the kids. :)

    But those wake up calls... oh, they are hard and good all at the same time. I love your perspective and I want to be thankful for them too, for the grace that He provides in this mercy He gives us with them.

    Thanks for the reminder and for sharing this at the #GraceMoments Link Up!I so appreciate your presence there.




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