Friday, April 15, 2011

Victorious Living & Maturity

Initially, these two things seem totally unrelated - they can be but often times they overlap. As a believer in Christ you are required to grow - it is only then you will continue to reap the fruits of salvation. Think about it - as a baby you are cute and provided for; all your needs are met. But as you physically grow, you mentally grow also. You begin to realize that you can think; that thoughts lead to actions; actions have consequences; and your beliefs determine your actions. You wouldn't get here if you didn't grow. We must grow.

We can live a victorious life, but only with Christ. Many have tried without Christ, but they come out empty. O they have wealth, fame, investments – but they still feel that something is missing. That something is Someone. That Someone is God, Christ, The Holy Spirit – 3 entities in one that are available to you just for asking, believing and living in a way that He wants you to live. The only way to know how to live is to read his word the Bible. Too many say I’m a follower of Christ, yet their life choices do not bear this out.

Just because some people are old, does not mean they mature.
Maturity allows you to see things with a broader perspective, accept things for what they are; know when to hold them and when to fold them; love more, enjoy more.
Bitterness can rob you of maturity; envy can rob you of it; so can hate, jealousy, and cowardice.

Grow in Christ, that you may have all things (that God has for you) and in all things abound!

See they do go together!

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