Friday, April 29, 2011

Practical Proverbs - A Chapter a Day Challenge

Most things done well require discipline; the Christian life is not exempt from this.
One aspect that requires discipline is Bible reading. The Bible is God's word and in order to get to know Him and how to live, we've got to read it. After reading, we must apply it to our lives to reap the benefit. After all, we know too many people who can quote the Bible, but their lives do not reflect its application.

I wanted to challenge myself, as well as you dear reader to read the Bible daily. One of the best places to start is the book of Proverbs. With thirty one (31) chapters - one chapter for each day of the month - this book is the perfect addition to any daily reading. Proverbs talks about every imaginable basic aspect of life - love, parenting, money, sex, God, relationships. It instructs on business, public policy, government, and family. It’s the best counsel in the whole world and it's free! (Luis Palau, Changed by Faith, 2011)

Here's how the challenge will work:
• I'll post a link to the chapter for that day - (I will not post the chapter)
• After reading each chapter, I will highlight passages and provide potential application or examples from my life or both.
• We will do this for the month of May.

I am entering this challenge prayerfully, with the expectation that new things will be learned that will make us better people.

Won't you join me? (Please leave a comment, if you're committing to the challenge).

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