Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Godly Smack!

Has God ever smacked you up side the head?
Have you ever been so caught up in your circumstances, that you don't see how He's working and then he gobsmacks you and and you're left humbled?
Well this happened to me with three instances in one day, which I'd like to share with you:

1. I went on an interview last week that I did not approach positively. I practically knew I was not going to be a good fit before I got there. (Kinda makes you wonder why I went). Anyhow, as the interview progresses - they are impressed with me and say "I've set the bar very high!" Let's see how this turns out.

2. A friend of mine recently had a baby girl that was born deaf (I don't remember the specific name of the medical condition). The doctors told them that she would be deaf for life and would need hearing aids and assistance. The whole family had started to learn sign language. She asked me to pray for her and I've prayed since I found out. I got a call mid-morning from the mother, saying that they went to the doctor earlier this week and her deafness has been reversed; she can hear. The doctors were puzzled as to how this could happen based on her initial diagnosis.
I nearly cried in my office, I was so happy.

3. Currently, I'm on a long term full-time assignment. I was told in February that I would have two more months. Since the beginning of April I've been gearing up for my last day, though I have no idea when that is. My boss wanted to speak with me; I anticipated the worse. She proceeds to tell me that she has another assignment that she wishes to give me.

By the third event, all I could say was praise God. Lord, you're teaching me that you are in control of all things - big and small and that I should trust you.

Thank you Lord for the smack up side the head!

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