Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blogrolling and Blogging!

I love blogging; both reading other blogs of authors who amuse or inform on food, family and faith, or writing as I do here.

In the blogging world, I’m whats known as a lurker – I visit but don’t make myself comfortable. When I’m really comfortable (i.e. I like your post) I leave a comment. I may post as Anonymous or another moniker that I’ve created just for the blogging world.

Blogs can be categorized in many ways: by race, by activity, lifestyle and gender to name a few. All of these categories have a broad variety of subcategories – hair, makeup, shopping, saving, food, fashionable clothes, Christianity, Christianity and women, motherhood, Christian moms, single dads…I think you get the idea.

Many of my favorite blogs start with the word Black because that’s part of who I am. Sometimes that bothers me, but most times it doesn’t. For example I like BlackGirlsRun and it was created because they aren’t a lot of Black women serious about running – hence the name; but I’m sure there’s no blog called whitegirlsrun (I checked, there isn't).

Through blogging, I've discovered Tumblrs. A Tumblr is a simpler form of blogging with minimal commentary; a quick way to publish pictures and quotes. They’re considered miniblogs; a fast way to share links, photos, and videos without the bells and whistles of a regular blog.

I discover other blogs from the commenters on a blog. Oftentimes when you leave a comment you provide your name (required) email address and a website. The website is typically the commenter's blog and depending on their name or the website I’ve visited, I just may take a click.

So I’ve discovered a comedian in MrsTDJ, a fitness queen in Keyalus, a new bride in the Happynappybride and Lysa - a Christian woman who seems just like me; her posts are inspired. I'll add the rest of the blogs I've discovered to my blogroll.

Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. I’m now a weekly contributor on Michelle Obama Watch.

As you discover the world of blogs, the easiest way to stay organized is to use a reader, such as the one provided by blogger. Its an easy way to see all updates of all of your favorite blogs in one spot instead of opening each blogs page or trying to remember each blog's address.

Its a whole new world we're living in; as with any new technology, blogs if used wisely can be helpful, educational and fun.


  1. Aww, thanks for the nod! I'm happy that you've stepped out of the shadows to comment. I totally agree - if I didn't use Google Reader, there's not way I'd be able to keep up with all the blogs that I follow. I can't believe that I tried for so long using an excel spreadsheet! *lol*

  2. Thanks for including me and referring to me as a fitness queen LOL! I try.

    Love my Google Reader. I've only started using it a few months ago when my job starting randomly blocking access to certain blogs. Blocked blogs can come through in the reader so I started using it and haven't looked back! I don't know how I ever made it without it.


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