Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Chapter a Day - Proverbs 12

This past week I've felt meh, melancholy. However, this challenge is one of the things I look forward to doing on a daily basis. Sort of like running, huh?

Proverbs 12

Highlights and Observations

This chapter provides a vivid representation of wise and foolish attributes. The table below summarizes these attributes. There's no need to guess about where you are - your actions and behavior will let you know if you are wise or foolish. Hopefully, more of us wish to be wise.

Accepts discipline; listens to adviceHates to be corrected
Obtains favorReceives condemnation
Solid foundationWeak foundation
Plans are justPlans are conniving; deceitful
PrudentWarped mind; stupid
Willing to workChases fantasies
TrustworthyLying lips
Healing wordsReckless words
CalmAnxious; worrisome
Choose friends carefullyChoose friends rashly

How do you measure up? We're all works in progress, but with God's help, we can improve.

Read on.

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