Monday, March 21, 2016

A Chapter A Day - Proverbs 21

Isn’t it amazing, how a book that was written centuries ago is still relevant today? The more I read and learn, the more I realize there’s nothing new under the sun. I hope you also are gaining insight into the application of God’s word to our lives.

Proverbs 21

Observations and Highlights

The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty (v5). The KJV has the word thoughts instead of plans. I was reading a blog yesterday, where the author in several posts talks about planning her family. She was amazed that others did not plan their families. Her planning was more an expression of her thoughts and desires for her family, not something set in stone that she would always adhere to. As Christians, God knows the desires of our hearts; being diligent leads to profit – as it is in the physical so it is in the spiritual. In this verse, the opposite of diligence isn’t laziness, but haste – being rushed or hurried. Take your time as you make decisions, and weigh all options.

Don’t be a brawling, contentious or angry woman (v 9, 19). A brawling contentious woman is one who is always looking for a fight or argument. Many people write about nagging wives – but one does not have to nag. From experience, I’ve learned to ask for what I want and let it go. When we don’t let it go is when it escalates to nagging, fighting or arguments. This is hard for us women, but we have to learn to let things go or we become like brawling contentious angry women, whom no one would rather live with. According to Proverbs, it’s easier to live with less (in a desert) than with this type of woman. Again, if I’m reflective, I don’t like being this kind of woman either, especially when I see what it does to others around me.

When a mocker is punished, the simple gain wisdom; by paying attention to the wise they get knowledge (v11). Learn from the mistakes of others – you don’t have to experience everything to know how it’s going to affect you. A wise person chooses to learn.

There is no wisdom, no insight, and no plan that can succeed against the LORD (v30). Fighting, scheming, manipulating against God’s way is pointless – your plans won’t succeed. So where does this leave you? Find out God’s way (through reading and obeying His word, and talking to other believers) so that your plans are in line with what He wants. But remember God is sovereign, yet loving.

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