Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Chapter a Day - Proverbs 19

I've benefited immensely from this challenge in that it makes me realize that if one wants to be wise, they can be - if they choose to obey the Word of God and apply it to their lives. Let's maintain our form and jump into Proverbs 19.

Observations and Highlights

One of the constant themes in the book of Proverbs is dealing with those that are poor. What does it mean to be poor? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, poor is defined as lacking material possessions; of, relating to, or characterized by poverty; less than adequate, meager, small in worth; inferior in quality or value. It's a broad definition that covers a lack of physical possessions to a state of mind. To be poor is not a bad thing, either - it can happen to any of us.
So, even though you lack physical possessions you can still walk uprightly. Your physical situation does not necessarily determine your mental and spiritual state (v1). One of the benefits of being poor is being able to determine who your true friends are (v2). Remember, whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward them for what they have done (v19). Lending to the Lord is something we can't understand because it is not an earthly transaction. This reaps heavenly rewards.

One other powerful verse that can really impact our interactions is a person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense (v11). The practicing of wisdom produces patience that allows you to overlook actions that may irritate. Some folks aren't social in the morning and never say good morning - overlook it; someone persistently mispronounces your name - overlook it; someone cuts you off on the freeway - overlook it. We commit offenses every day - it’s up to us to decide how we respond to them. Someone told me a long time ago to ”Grow Duck Feathers” - so that things can just roll off my back. I've taken this advice to heart, but again it stems from the wisdom of God's word.

This chapter also mentions relationships in the home. A foolish child is a father’s ruin, and a quarrelsome wife is like the constant dripping of a leaky roof. Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.(v 13,14) If you've read along so far, you know what actions make up foolish behavior. If you are behaving foolishly you are a foolish person; a foolish child is a heartbreaking. A quarrelsome wife is also exhibiting foolish behavior but a prudent wife is from the Lord. We can control how we provide an inheritance to our children, but as a husband when you have a wife that is wise and a blessing to you though you may have selected your wife, it was the Lord that guided you all along. A prudent wife is from the Lord.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yep I was lucky enough to attend Spelman for one lovely semester in my Junior year of College. I LOVED it!!

  2. I remember someone saying I was poor because I didn't live in some big mansion like they did once. It didn't hurt my feelings (they aren't paying my bills so why care) but I do remember they didn't have many friends either.

    I would rather be poor in the mindset where I know who my real friends were (great comparison) and that people judged me in the right way. I tell my boyfriend all the time how thankful we need to be for all the little things we have now. He sometimes forget that (most men do) and focus so much on what they don't have versus what is already in their face.

    You always have to stay focused on the many "things" and people in our lives each day because what was easily given to us can easily be taken away. Great post...

  3. @Frugalista - how does one go to Spelman for only 1 semester? :)

    @Sonia - thanks.


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