Monday, March 7, 2016

A Chapter A Day - Proverbs 7

One of the common themes in Proverbs so far is to flee temptation and listen to instruction.

The temptation may take the form of a seductive woman, but it can be any temptation. Let's review Proverbs 7.

Observations and Highlights

Why did the writer spend so much time warning his young son about the strange or adulterous woman? In today's language, she may be called a slut, whore or a loose woman. In our culture, we are bombarded with sexual enticement on every side, yet apparently it's not new. This woman is loud and stubborn and is always looking for a gullible man. She's also subtle - she knows how to get what she wants. She steps out on her man. She speaks so well, that what she is proposing sounds plausible. But when the man finally gives in to her, he realizes that he is like a bird who is trapped within an inch of his life. (v 10-23)

The father understood that the only way to protect yourself from this "in your face" temptation was to: know right from wrong, make a conscious decision to do right, understand the consequences of your actions, and feed your heart and soul with what's right. (v1-7, 24-27)

Sexual temptation is one we can all understand. We're told men are wired to cheat, premarital sex is ok, and you can even swing while married. Sex is something that is good but only within the confines God set forth. The thing about temptation is that there is always something in it that seems good. In order to resist temptation, you must have a good foundation, if not you'll be led astray by everything that sounds good.

Know the word; read the word.

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