Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Chapter a Day - Proverbs 5

Proverbs 5 is a warning against sexual sin - adultery.

Observations and Highlights

Adultery is defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man or woman and a partner other than the legal spouse. In Biblical terms, an adulterer was a man who had illicit intercourse with a married or a betrothed woman, and such a woman was an adulteress. Intercourse between a married man and an unmarried woman was fornication. Adultery was regarded as a great social wrong, as well as a great sin.

It is interesting that part of the definition of adultery is that it is voluntary - i.e. the individual makes a choice to act on the enticement. We live in a world that's visual - men see beautiful women everywhere - at work, at church, at play. I think the enticement is greater for men based on how they are wired, but women are tempted also.

Adultery may appear to be condoned, but all parties are injured when it happens (v 9-12). There’s also regret (v13)on the part of the adulterer.

This chapter is saying once you have a spouse do not let anyone remove that commitment. Enjoy your wife or husband; shower each other with love (v 15-19). Nothing outside is better than what you have with each other. Remember the grass only appears greener, because there’s more manure!

There are some lessons that you can learn without experiencing them – be a wise person and see what happens when you choose to commit adultery. Re-read this chapter, if this is an area of struggle for you.

When I initially posted this on 5/5/2011, it was the National Day of Prayer; take a moment to pray about your struggles; pray for your family, your children, your co-workers, our leaders. Pray that you would make wise choices, and not choose to heap sadness on yourself and others by committing adultery.

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